Workshop focused on combining the knowledge and didactics of floor work, improvisation and partnering work of the Tac Tiq Collective and Starting Points; with the purpose of sharing didactics and exercises that allow us to configure and approach the body in movement, in relation to the floor and other bodies.

At Partner IN Mind, study, dialogue, listening and social interaction are the main elements to approach this laboratory, since we believe that (3) bodies are needed to approach and move (2) bodies in space: (1) you, (2) me, (3) us. 



combines coordination exercises, body awareness (feldenkrais), martial arts (tae kwon doo) and improvisation technique. With the aim of articulating a training, which invites us to investigate and study the daily actions of our locomotion and perception. Through games and dynamics, we seek to understand and reflect the movement through simple actions, in order to introduce the body to a state of improvisation.

Stimulate the creative self, hack the attention and attend the multi attention}, for find new ways of movement, sensations and states that contribute to the act of improvisation. 

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