Research, development and promotion of didactics, which are generated within the residences at Puntos de Partida. From questioning and raising, new challenges, projects and works, with the aim of researching the language of dance, theatre and movement for the contemporary scene.



L 280 

Laboratory of structured improvisation for the scenic creation of the work L 280; Construirem una casa per a volar, this laboratory arises from some exercises of the movement and improvisation workshop P WORKSHOP, the physical theater and the technique of improvisation, to propose the different points of departure and points of arrival, for the creative act through the improvisation from the movement.

In this laboratory we are interested in putting on the table, different questions and games, to generate a structure of improvisation that allows us to meet, to re-create the scenes and to reach different scenic results through the game. 

*This lab is currently in process. 


It began in 2014 out of a concern to find different routes and states of the body in movement in improvisation. Over time it has been transformed into a laboratory for the study of the body in movement, which is inspired by the feldenkrais method, martial arts exercises and some games that stimulate the creative self; games created by José David Cerda and collaborators. 

This laboratory is continuous and adapts according to the new questions and goals to be achieved, besides being the main source, which nourishes and evolves the works of Starting Points, as well as the didactics of the Movement and Improvisation Workshop P WORKSHOP. 



It began in 2019, by combining the knowledge and didactics of floor work, improvisation and partnering work of the Tac Tiq Collective and Puntos de Partida; with the aim of creating the language of the dance and poetry work; Las Memorias de MEMO.  Within Partner IN Mind we propose didactics and exercises that allow us to configure and approach the body in movement, in relation to the floor and other bodies.

In Partner IN Mind the study, the dialogue, the listening and the social interaction, are main elements for the study of this laboratory, since we believe that it is necessary (3) bodies to approach and to transfer (2) bodies in the space: (1) you, (2) I, (3) we. 

This laboratory is continuous and adapts to new questions and goals to be achieved, besides being the main source, which nourishes and evolves the work MEMO's memories, as well as the didactics of the Workshop of Partnering and Floor Work; PARTNER IN MIND. 




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