We seek to integrate our creative and humanitarian skills, to resort to memory, the non-existent and what is made to believe; we are artisans, creators and producers of unique experiences and projects, which invite us to habitate the body and reconnect with our creativity, as the only places left to understand and redirect our human, professional, cultural and social work.

Puntos de Partida was founded in 2014 by stage artist and graphic designer José David Cerda. Thanks to the Programa de Estímulo a la Creación y Desarrollo Artístico (PECDA) and the Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes del Estado de Sonora (FECAS), Ortega Meza S.C. and the advice of cultural manager Diego Salazar; what began as a project now becomes a creative organization.

We are an organization focused on the creation, production and diffusion of artistic, commercial and educational properties in Mexico and abroad; properties that need the creative element.


To demonstrate that the promotion of creative processes in people, whatever their professional area, can stimulate the glocal economy.


To be more humane every day.

Perpetual hunger to create.

Memory as an act of identity and resistance.

The game as a trigger for creativity.


We use the capacity of art and creative processes for message communication, critical thinking and self-knowledge.

/ co workers

Diego Salazar

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Project Manager in Mexico

Lola Ramírez

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Performing Artist and Creator, Director of Cromata Textile Movement and Co Director of La Carpa Mexico Performing Arts Meeting

Juan Carlos Hernández 

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Producer, Musician and Composer


/ direction

José David Cerda

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Performing Artist and Creator, Graphic Designer,

General Director of Starting Points and

Co Director of La Carpa Encounter of Performing Arts Mexico

Víctor Torres

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Stage Artist and Community Manager Mexico

Cinthya Dueñas

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Performing Artist and Co Director of La Rodán Scenic Mobility in Mexico

Julie Tartaglia

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Arista and Scenic Creator, Director of the Tac Tiq Spain Collective

Manfred Rívera

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Producer and Cultural Manager of Scenic Formats Costa Rica

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